21 July - 18 August 2017, Backlit, Nottingham
21-28 October 2017, Club Solo, Breda

'Act Natural' is an installation of video work commissioned as part of BACKLIT's annual group show, and inspired by Alfred House's history as a televisual shooting location, as well as current parallels to the socio-political climate portrayed in 'Aufwiedersehen, Pet'. The scenes are filmed in and around the Backlit studios, evoking multiple narrative layers within the repeatedly re-purposed building, with lighting functioning as a key marker of artifice.

'Would you like to come back to our hut?', BACKLIT's annual group show, views the gallery as a former set for Auf Wiedersehen Pet, a comedy-drama television programme about a group of British migrant construction workers. The show will tour to Club Solo, Breda.

Featuring work by Jade Annaw, Ellen Brady, Connor Brazier, Matthew Chesney, Joey Holder, Daniel Rapley, Martin Rayment, Mo Scott, and Suzanne van der Lingen.